March 26th, 2012 / 11:06 pm

when was the last time you threw up on yourself & why not now


  1. Bobby Dixon

      Does throwing up on the pillow while asleep (a little bit gets in your hair) count? 

  2. A D Jameson

      Good point. [shuffles off]

  3. Tyler Crumrine

      14 months ago but there was buffalo chicken dip involved and now there is no longer buffalo chicken dip.

  4. Spenser Davis

      i can never throw up when drunk. i just get the worst hangover of my entire life. every time.

  5. Brooks Sterritt

      reminds me of a RATM lyric but i can’t think of which one

  6. A D Jameson

      The last time I threw up was in Mexico in May 2006, when I had food poisoning. So that’s like six years ago.

      Before that, between 2003 and 2005, I threw up a lot, while living in Thailand. Practically every few months or so! But I was always very careful not to get it on myself.

      My conclusion is that traveling = invitation to vomit.

  7. Daniel Bailey

      i’ve thrown up on many different things including a bird feeder and my mom pre-church meetin, but i’ve never thrown up on myself.

  8. Vomithelmet McGee

      I know I know, not since February.

  9. Scott Riley Irvine

      St. Paddy’s Day, or rather the early hours following St. Paddy’s. Pretty pedestrian, yeah. I woke up, rolled over, vomited on my rug and then went back to sleep. There’s a plastic bag in a landfill somewhere filled only with paper towels and congealed puke. 

  10. Brooks Sterritt


  11. Vomithelmet McGee

      everybody else needs alcohol maybe? but that’s not what i meant

  12. Michael J Seidlinger

      Tonight. Just now. So THAT’s what the smell is…

  13. Joseph Riippi

      Food poisoning, on a flight from LGA to St Louis. Luckily I had a row to myself. Unluckily I didn’t have a change of clothes. Had to get decked out in St Louis Rams gear upon arrival. No other clothiers in the St Louis airport.

  14. Matthew Salesses

      i like that brooks came back on three hours later to clear this up.

  15. Tim Jones-Yelvington

       I wish there was a picture this sounds very glamorous.

  16. Tim Jones-Yelvington

       I think all vomit should be heavily pigmented.

  17. mimi

      with two young children and two nasty dogs, i see a lot of barf (worst was young son’s in checkout line at Target)

      i can’t remember the last time i saw my Own vomit

  18. M. Burford

      Two years ago, drunk, at a closed car wash. Threw up macaroni and cheese all over my shoes. Really sad to lose the mac. 

  19. Anonymous

      I remember when I had my first beer too, guys.

  20. Kelley Irmen

      I think throwing up on your mother is a subtle form of revenge for being born covered in vernix.

  21. Alexis Orgera

      Oh boy. All the time. Migraines, weak stomach. By about the fifth trip to the toilet, you can’t help but start dribbling on yourself. Spattering drips of bile onto your toes and sweatpants. Happened last Friday. I made it to class to teach and had to leave to throw up, returning with splotches on my pants. A student asked, “Did you just go to the bathroom to throw up?”

  22. leapsloth14

      I gave this reading at this little university in rural A and I’m sort of the Guest, you know, (this is small university) and they ply me with wine and wine and wine and it’s just getting nuts and I stumble off into like some dorm area (?) something you know this is night and I don’t know where I am and I drive down some road anyway I just pull into a gas station and vomit all over the steering wheel and myself and fall asleep and next day it’s cool though the sun through the windshield now that was something. 

  23. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      I think the last time I puked on myself was outside a lecture hall, in front of a bunch of kids waiting to get in the lecture hall? That’s a pretty cool place to do it.

      This being asked helps remind me that puking on yourself in a public place is one of the funniest things in the world.

      Cool places/times to puke on yourself:
      -Shitty reading (preferably you puke quietly and are crying softly too)
      -In front of Paris Hilton
      -On line at a McDonald’s, especially if there are like 8-year-old-kids around
      -Onstage as a reader at The Moth
      -In the 69 position
      -During a seance
      -At the zoo, while looking at the gorillas (beat them at their own game!)
      -While showering (seems efficient)
      -While you are playing in the Super Bowl

      Feel free to add more!

  24. Helen

      New York was vomit town for me – food poisoning three times, although the third time involved no throwing up, just horrendous fever dreaming about a bear opening the door, coming upstairs, coming to get me (I had gone to a cabin over Christmas).

  25. Helen

      -In the bath (opposite of the shower one for efficiency)
      -On a ski lift, while another ski lift gondolier is going by
      -in the cinema watching a children’s film
      -sitting on a porch, on a swing seat, with your sweetheart

      Never thrown up on myself, though I do a good line in extravagant fainting/fitting. On a train (because I read a gross story), in a cinema, in a science classroom (hit my head off the gas taps, made everyone terrified of me)

  26. Shannon

      I threw up Saturday night. I had a sudden onset migraine, fell down trying to get to the bathroom because I didn’t have my glasses on and managed not to puke on the floor but did get some on me. It was hot.

      I did manage to once projectile vomit on someone I didn’t like when he came to my house. I think that was the peak of my vomiting career.

  27. A D Jameson

      I have never thrown up in New York. That I remember.

      In Mexico, I threw up on my last night there (the ninth night).
      I was so disappointed in myself. I really thought I’d be able to make it.

  28. leapsloth14

       Church puke is sort of epic. Then you’re waving people away and mumbling, “Stomach virus…”

  29. Nandikesha Jungwirth

      i haven’t thrown up since i puked hot dog chunks onto the cement of the driveway when i was 9. twenty years of total barflessness has left me sort of scared about whole thing. 

  30. William VanDenBerg

      I got my wisdom teeth out about six years ago. After the operation the dentist was trying to get me out of the chair and leave. I told him no, I felt just fine in the chair, although my mouth had a lot of gauze in it. So when he and the nurse tried to haul me out of the chair I threw up puke and gauze on him. Serves him right for stealing my fucking teeth.

  31. Nicholas Grider

      On myself and on the store carpet and almost on a customer at the national-chain used bookstore where I used to work, because I had a stomach virus and had to work anyway.  After I cleaned it/myself up I had to go back to work, but after dry heaving at the register I went home.  I got fired two months later for allegedly threatening to burn down the building.

  32. Trey

      I am from missouri and this is awesome

  33. Ryan Bradford

      A couple years ago, I was going to see Joey Comeau, Emily Horne and Ryan North talk about Web comics at this place in NY. It was rainy during the day, so I spent most of it watching Jurassic Park II and smoking weed. I am not really
      weed-smoker, so by the time I got to where they were speaking, I was this non-social blob of awkwardness. I thought that drinking would make me a little more

      However, in spite of being high and my general malnourishment, the food spread looked incredibly attractive. I was that weird guy standing by himself, eating all the cheese and drinking all the beer. Soon the combination of high-class food, booze and weed-induced brain-fucks (“First Jurassic Park and now Dino Comics??!”) proved too much and I stepped outside to vomit on the street. It was one of those traveling pukes because it wasn’t even that late and there were many people still in the streets, so I had to pull it off like it was just a casual part of my evening stroll.

      Anyway, I felt a million times better and thought I should get back
      to the party. I ordered another beer, vaguely aware of the people inching away from me. When I got home, I realized there was a huge streak of puke on my jeans.


  34. Buck Wilkins

      This one didn’t end up on me, and I guess it wasn’t “really” vomit, but I learned something about the digestive system.

      I was en route from upstate New York to northern Virginia, and ate at the Wilkes Barre, PA Red Robin – something and French fries.

      Next I sat in my car stressing hard about whether I should call a girl in northern New Jersey who I had (and still have) “feeling” for to casually ask if I could add a few hours to my trip to visit her, not having seen her in seven months.

      I called and of course, got her voicemail. My stress level was soaring at this point, as in sitting in my car thinking everyone in the parking lot was staring at me. Then I walked to Walmart to use the restroom before getting on the highway, hoping she’d call back. Five steps out of my car and a chunk of undigested french fry shot out of my throat with ketchup still on it. I just kept walking.

      She found out later that she was sick with mono, so probably a good thing I didn’t go to Jersey.

  35. Dan Hunt

      the last time was six years ago in my college dorm room, late at night, of course i was drunk, and not only did i throw up all over myself and the floor i puked onto my brand new computer. it stopped working for a day and then came back to life. it’s the same computer I’m using to type this.