November 15th, 2012 / 1:04 am

The thing about the new Disqus system is, when I’m rereading a comments thread and find I want to bump up someone’s comment, I can never remember whether I’ve already clicked ^ or not, so I click it, and then the number goes down by one, and then I have to re-click it.


  1. reynard

      who the fuck cares

  2. A D Jameson

      I care. I fucking care.

  3. A D Jameson

      Also, I clicked you comment up by one.

  4. A D Jameson

      Reynard, you should come visit me in Chicago, so we can become best friends.

  5. A D Jameson

      If you want, we can mutually masturbate one another, then hatch and enact a suicide pact together. Or go see Cloud Atlas and discuss it; either one.

  6. reynard


  7. A D Jameson

      Or we can go get sundaes at Margie’s, then see a show at the Empty Bottle. Or see the show and then get sundaes; your call.

  8. A D Jameson

      I’m very flexible as you can see.

  9. A D Jameson

      And then we can disqus Viktor Shklovsky!!!

  10. lorian long


  11. Spenser Davis

      that escalated quickly

  12. A D Jameson

      I should clarify that this offer is open to anyone, really.

  13. A D Jameson

      C’mon, doesn’t anyone else have this problem? If not, I will feel so embarrassed.

  14. A D Jameson

      Yes my problem has always been that when the other person doesn’t respond right away I escalate the situation.

  15. A D Jameson

      Because I want to make them like me.

  16. A D Jameson

      By the way, if you want to be my friend, I will be happy to give you all my money.

  17. A D Jameson

      As well as the ashes of my dead cat.

  18. A D Jameson

      You can also have all of my books, and all of my clothes.

  19. A D Jameson

      Plus, I’ll steal a car for you. Just tell me what kind, and I’ll steal it!

  20. Taylor Napolsky

      Did you like Cloud Atlas the movie?

  21. shaun gannon

      i want to be your friend

  22. Bobby Dixon

      I can always remember if I Up someone, especially since it turns blue if I Up them. But sometimes comments disappear. That shit scares me.

  23. A D Jameson

      I haven’t seen it yet, mainly due to school. Next Monday morning?

  24. A D Jameson

      Oh, you’re right, the arrow does turn blue. But it’s very subtle on my computer. I wonder if I can change some setting in Disqus to make it more pronounced…?

  25. A D Jameson

      Sure, just send me all your banking info, including pins and SSN, and I will wire the money to you pronto!

  26. Wallace Barker

      I was always more interested in who was liking a particular comment rather than the sheer volume of likes. Now I guess you can’t tell who has clicked the like button?

  27. postitbreakup

      hey now, cloud atlas had its problems but i’d hardly call it gross