January 10th, 2011 / 2:35 am

Do you think it’s tacky when contributors have consecutive posts on this website?

Okay so David Wynn Miller is the new J.D. Salinger.


  1. Eli Artichoke


  2. Eli Artichoke


  3. reynard

      thanks for yr help!

  4. Eli Artichoke

      I’d love to know what Noam Chomsky has to say about this shooting. Seriously.

  5. deadgod

      [fine writer dismayed by celebrity to point of disablement] not = [random-number generator]

  6. Owen K.

      Wow . . . I wonder if we can’t make Kenji Siratori a judge as well… ?

      I hope so… .

  7. reynard

      it’s a new century

  8. Charles Dodd White

      It’s only a matter of time before someone writes a rhetorical analysis dissertation on this guy.

  9. deadgod

      maybe so

      teatard century

  10. c2k

      :Will-Get: Bookdeal

  11. Hank


  12. Eli Artichoke

      Because Noam Chomsky has written books about universal grammar, about politics, and about the media.

      Because the crazy dude that just killed a bunch of innocent people at a political rally was obsessed with grammar, and the media’s coverage of the shooting is partly focused on determining if he was a left wingnut or a right wingnut, how to spin it, who to blame.

      Because that whole terrible tragic shooting in Arizona seems like a bizarre Noam Chomsky nightmare that actually just happened.

  13. reynard

      i too would like to know what 1970s noam chomsky would have thought of this, the one with the really cool glasses who debated foucault, or 1960s noam chomsky or even 50s, maybe even chomsky as a child, unfortunately 2010s noam chomsky would probably shrug and say something about things being really complicated, whatever i would listen

  14. reynard

      clearly yes

  15. deadgod

      well, it’s always been a violent place with lots of charmlessly crazy theorists, reynard

      am whining that the bozo hat is fitted to jerome david’s skull, and not, say, travis bickle’s

      oh, wait

  16. deadgod

      chomsky’s nightmares are marionette plays

      the strings are tugged by conscious puppeteers

      it’s all connected in a graspable orchestration, and if you don’t think so, you’re (still) one of the puppets

      nothing so fancifully nuanced as a combination of conspiracy, accident, and convention-narcosis

      unless chomsky’s more subtle than I’ve seen

      is loughner america’s first lone gunman?

  17. Hank

      Oh I guess since Chomsky is both a Leftist and a linguist it makes more sense now.

      I would be disappointed if Chomsky had anything more to say about it than “Crazy dude shot a congresswoman and then the media spins it.”

  18. reynard

      “The doctors killed Garfield, I just shot him.”