June 18th, 2014 / 7:37 am

Melissa Broder would like to offer you these new poems, handwritten, made with love and gifs. Read them online, analyze not just the words but the penmanship.

“I had a thing of words, and now they’re gone”


  1. bartleby_taco


      game changing

  2. deadgod

      Enviable penmanship; I only stumbled at one hurdle:

      I am already heaven or maybe just illusion


      I am already heaven or maybe rust illusion

  3. mimi

      So I do not have to fill,,,, to kill them

      Here my fat and necromantic snood

      boiling your felt,,,, your pelt

      Sewbag,,,, Jewbag plus some evil

      I took an oath to 100rms,,,, to worms

      And the collar around my light is made of [stumble] holes