November 16th, 2011 / 8:18 am

Has anyone ever actually gotten laid at AWP?


  1. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      This is my year, bitchez.

  2. Eric A


  3. timothy gager

      Many more times than have read at AWP.

  4. Osmon

      I <3 Broder

  5. Guestagain

      I once got laid in the ladies room at the KFC
      does that rhyme?

  6. Eric A

      fingers… hello

  7. mimi

      I had a roommate once who’d say “Either you talk about it or you do it.”

  8. AWPTales

      I’ve gotten a blow job at AWP and made-out with a few women.  It’s not that difficult, mainly because one’s competition is a bunch of 140 lb. hipster dweebs in horn-rimmed glasses. 

  9. William Hung

      So you, like, wear your leather pants and a gold medallion?

  10. deadgod

      Your roommate had never known an honest braggart or compulsive self-analyst?  Enviable.

  11. deadgod

      then I got paid and pow pow boom in soupy ABC

  12. Guestagain

      should’ve married that girl…

  13. deadgod

      Unless your neck is as far around as your skull, a super lightweight will knock you out.

  14. deadgod

      eh not that you would have been an introduction to either personality type ha ha ha

  15. Dirty Rhonda

      everyone knows hipster can’t fight well.

  16. Guest

      Laid out, maybe.

  17. deadgod

      might’ve been a cool honeymoon

  18. Darby Larson

      no one has actually ever gotten laid anywhere

  19. The Author Function

      My first trip to DC did indeed yield various sexual encounters. 

  20. The Author Function

      Er to AWP, which was in DC

  21. Daniel Bailey

      for some reason, having sex at awp only seems impressive to me if the coitus results in twins.

  22. mimi

      it was a personal credo for her, i think, a woman of few words, and the epitome of discretion  

      oh, sure, we’d talk about ‘it’ , during the (very occasional!) ‘dry spell’ . . . ha ha  & we both steered clear of those other personality types, (so . . . you’re correct!)      

  23. Darby Larson

      twins who grow up to be accountants

  24. Daniel Bailey

      or actors who follow a similar trajectory to mariel and margaux hemingway (even though they’re not twins).

  25. mimi

      cool as ranch dressing

  26. DieDieDie


  27. alanrossi

      no one gets laid by no one all the time. 

      never been to awp though.

  28. reynard

      just had a conversation about making foie gras at a table in a fancy fucking french restaurant that was way hotter than anything that has happened in this chat room

  29. Ray Rice


  30. xTx

      i got molested.  does that count?

  31. deadgod

      is the hermanator a nice guy

  32. Thibault Raoult

      Catullus, yo.

  33. MJ

      If my fine chocolate self ever made it to AWP, I bet I would, off principle. So echoing Erica A, *fingerscrossed*

  34. MJ

       lol… called Eric A, Erica A. Sorry dude!

  35. Madison Langston

      there has to be someone

  36. shaun gannon

      not yet but dj and i are sharing a hotel room this year so can i get a hell yeah

  37. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Does anyone want to set an AWP casual encounter through this site? Is this getting weird yet?

  38. Kevin Sampsell

      This sounds like a cry for help, Broder.

  39. Melissa Broder

      It’s definitely not.

  40. reynard

      totes dude, all we do is play golf & talk about sexually harassing womyn, then we deny ever having played golf

  41. David Fishkind

      blake butler

  42. werdfert


  43. Laryssa

      A dude sitting next to me at the Amy Hempel reading asked for my number. We had chatted briefly earlier that day when I met him at the Book Fair. We traded numbers and ended up getting together twice, but he lives in Philly, and I live outside of NYC. We don’t talk anymore, but I still consider this to be an AWP success!

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