July 27th, 2013 / 11:51 am

I’m looking for MFA thesis flipped into a first book. Preferably a good first book.


  1. Ethan Ashley

      I think The Broom of The System was this, although it was only so-so.

  2. Guest
  3. PatrickSpens
  4. jtc

      tbots was for dfws undergrad thesis in english. his phil thesis is floating around the internet too I thnk.

  5. jtc

      tbots was his undergrad thesis.

  6. Banango

      I believe that Matt Bell’s How They Were Found was part of his MFA thesis. (Source: Looked at his thesis in the library once)

  7. J.M. Gamble

      Not sure if poetry is out of the realm of what you’re looking for, but Maurice Manning’s Lawrence Booth’s Book of Visions was his thesis. It won him Yale Younger Poets.

  8. markbaumer

      I think I remember reading/hearing that The Age of Wire and String was Ben Marcus’ thesis, but I just looked up his thesis and it was something called “secret weather”

  9. markbaumer
  10. markbaumer
  11. markbaumer
  12. markbaumer
  13. Mike Meginnis

      Mine will be fall of next year. And I wrote it in your program!

  14. traynor

      I think Everything is Illuminated started as Foer’s thesis.

  15. rawbbie
  16. rawbbie

      Pretty Tilt by Carrie Murphy; also from your program and one of my favorite books of poetry in the last few years.

  17. John Minichillo

      Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man is Hard To Find.

  18. Brooks Sterritt

      The Torrents of Spring

  19. Lily Hoang

      Dude, he wrote that as an undergrad. It’s pretty phenome, think of his age!

  20. lily hoang

      Yep it was

  21. lily hoang

      Thanks Mark

  22. lily hoang

      Yay! Thanks, Mike and CONGRATS!

  23. lily hoang

      Undergrad, but I might use it anyways. I taught TBOTS last year and it was DFW’s undergrad thesis so.

  24. lily hoang

      Did he really go to MFA school or was that named The School of Gertrude Stein? Heh.

  25. lily hoang

      Hey Brooks, where you been? No one gmail chats me late at night now.

  26. Brooks Sterritt

      Yeah, Pound and Stein were on his thesis committee. :D

  27. Brooks Sterritt

      hiding :(