September 14th, 2011 / 9:57 pm


  1. Scottmcclanahan

      Ah shit.  This doesn’t sound very good.

  2. Andrew


  3. postitbreakup

      How bad is it that the first thing i thought after reading that article was “publicity stunt” and/or “excuse for him to get out of those speaking engagements”?

  4. Zacgerman

      hate hate hate you postitbreakup. wish you were out of my life

  5. Leapsloth14

      Hope for the best. Maybe he bailed out of the publicity tour since he’s a known recluse?

  6. JustSayin

      I wish he’d taken July, Foer, Eggars, and all the rest of those crap Brooklyn writers with him.

  7. deadgod

      That was my first thought:  ‘run, buddy, run’.  –but maybe he enjoyed, for instance, meeting Dutch people who like his books and are interested in ‘meeting’ him.  Agatha Christie?  –or Theo van Gogh?  –or nothing more than scheduling imbecility and subsequent embarrassment (he wouldn’t be the only).

  8. JKL

      July and Eggers aren’t from Brooklyn. 

  9. JustSayin

      Yeah but they write like the are – effete, upper-middle class, mannered, twee vomit. 

  10. M. Kitchell

      I saw this yesterday & kind of grinned– to be fair though I don’t think it’s such a huge deal yet, as it’d only been like 3 days upon that article’s publication, and his French publisher didn’t seem to give a shit (haha).  But holy fuck every time I read about Houellebecq it makes me want to be reading one of his books but of course they are not with me.

  11. Cole