May 23rd, 2013 / 12:18 pm

Dear everyone,

What would you most like to see at this site? More posts about writing and craft? More posts about Viktor Shklovsky? Jimmy Chen being forced to post something every single day? The violent death of a current contributor? The return of Boobs Friday? The creation of Bollocks Friday? Sandra Bullock Friday? Spout off and maybe by working together, you and I, we can make it happen …


  1. elias tezapsidis

      not sure a truer democratization will be beneficial in this case. but i guess i would like it to be possible for someone who wants to care to find meaning in the majority of things being said.

      also, i would like less thinking of what other people want to see. bc that s what got us(/you) to this “trouble.” and it might be funny this week, but it could feel cheap next month.

  2. Jeremy Hopkins

      Not sure I get your nongetting…

  3. mimi

      i’m not that flexible

  4. deadgod

      Oh… I thought it was a neometaphoricism! ‘Her systole/diastole harmonizes with’, or ‘has her bean [‘head’, mind] tuned in to’.

      There’s so much sloppy writing here, on a sentence level–it’s why the place is obviously dying. Everybody should take Comp 101 again–or teach it for 20 years at a state u, along with ‘Realism’ is a Word for Everything Else.

      And the place is also obviously dying because of all the apple-polishing: situations like Ken Baumann using intelligent remarks to disguise buttering up his ‘buddy’ Higgs, or deadgod jailhouse-lawyering for the self-evidently indefensible Oelbaum by calling attention to the content of Oelbaum’s blogicles.


      So thanks for the occasional calling of attention to your missing Roxane (Gay).

      And thanks, as always, for your instaresponsicle.

  5. Writer78

      You’re trying too hard. I think I’ve made one comment about “sloppy writing” and it was directed at Seth. My point wasn’t to cherry-pick his writing more than to comment on the relationship between his style and content (assumed that would be rather obvious). You’ve made similar observations about his style.

  6. Jeremy Hopkins


  7. Jeremy Hopkins

      It went away.

  8. Adam Digged

      i had to google john fowles to see if he was still alive. because i was starting to suspect that deadgod was he.

  9. Adam Digged

      would read

  10. Adam Digged

      more shakespeare

  11. mimi

      good idea for a post:

      a d jameson asks ‘who do you think is deadgod?’

      people speculate in comments

      mad hits

  12. Richard Grayson


  13. K.K.B.

      Andrea Coates! She’s so exhilarating and funny and crazy and energetic and unique. She’s deeply engaged with the concept of Alt Lit, but with a strongly different flavor that might contrast nicely here & add some spice. She seems to be very friendly and she consistently makes me laugh. And you know she’d love the invite.

      Also, a while back there was a link to Poets on Film that made me get addicted to Poets on Film. Hire them, too, and make them review trashy new movies again in their thrillingly beautiful way.

      I also really enjoy recommendations here, whether they’re indie or not, or even whether their literary or not. Literary minded people interact with the world in a way I enjoy and I like to hear what others are looking at / laughing at and listening to, etc.

      Those are my votes.

  14. Brooks Sterritt

      aw hell yeah

  15. Jeremy Hopkins

      I’d like to see more tacit admissions of guilt, both here and everywhere.

  16. mimi

      then you should read MY blog

  17. Jeremy Hopkins

      What’s that blurry pink thing that looks like an eraser?

  18. mimi

      erm, that’s a hand-written list of tacit admissions of guilt, of course, lying on a big red pillow, in my living room, blurred to protect the innocent

  19. mimi
  20. Jeremy Hopkins

      I was kind of hoping you’d written out some notes on an actual eraser cuz that would be totally surreal.

  21. mimi

      it’s not actually my hand-writing, it’s someone else’s, and she is so mentally unstable as to make interacting with her surreal

  22. columbusmatt

      HTMLGIANT loves HTMLGIANT « How Publishing Is Rigged