April 18th, 2012 / 9:32 pm

Listening to this Ben Lerner interview from Minnesota Public Radio is similar to attaining an MFA in Poetry.


  1. alan

      Thanks for this. I loved Leaving the Atocha Station.

  2. Kent Johnson

      Here’s another interview with Lerner–I did it with him some years back. I think it may have been the first one ever done with him:
      Here is another interview that was released yesterday in advance of issue #3 of The Claudius App, this a “lost” interview with the great Cesar Vallejo, the only one known to have been done with him. It’s the first full translation of the document into English. The artifact really is quite special. The editors of Claudius App describe it thus. Please take a look at the second link below:
      >The Claudius App is proud to announce the publication of César Vallejo’s “Lost” Interview, published in the Heraldo de Madrid in January 1931, recovered, translated, and generously annotated by Kent Johnson. Over coffee with the Heraldo’s interviewer (Q: César Vallejo, why have you come here? CV: Well, to drink coffee.), Vallejo discusses precision,Trilce in relation to its predecessors and contemporaries, and a non-extant then-forthcoming volume of poems, The Central Institute of Labor. This is the sole record of the great poet’s conversation, and the first appearance of it, unabridged, in English.Yours,Jeff Nagy & Eric Linsker

  3. Kent Johnson
  4. Arthur Guess

      Ben L. is swell.

  5. Alban Fischer

      He sounds a little like Brad Listi.

  6. Don

      Awesome. Vallejo is maybe my favorite poet.

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