November 8th, 2013 / 4:07 pm

How many literary institutions spam you weekly, or even many times a week? And which? And for what?


  1. Janey Smith

      miranda july won’t leave me alone

  2. Paul Cunningham

      Some spammy anthology called ‘The Muse’ keeps dive-bombing me. Apparently you submit “thoughtful, honest, well-written poems” and then “no contributor’s copy will be sent,” but you ‘do’ receive a bill for $15

      ($3.95 if you just want the e-version).

  3. Michael J Seidlinger

      A baker’s dozen.

  4. Zuppardo

      Narrative magazine. Seems like every day. But I signed up, so I should’ve known what to expect.

  5. Grant Maierhofer

      paris review has been obnoxious lately with the franzen on karl kraus shit, something called the kindle book review as well. also a bunch of calls for submissions that cost eight thousand clams for the salad cart. my dad emails me every time something ‘bookish’ happens in the new york times so i’m up to date on a bunch of soft core lawyer romps

  6. Grant Maierhofer

      seems like, also, every single accomplished literary thing that spams people has the line ‘IS THIS EMAIL APPEARING CORRECTLY?!?!?!!!?!’ at ze top

  7. Shannon

      About a dozen always for money.

  8. markbaumer

      mostly my dad, fourteen or fifteen times a day, asking me to like his new facebook post

  9. Daniel Bailey

      marsh fresh markets is always trying to get me to buy its rotisserie meats. oh but also boston review, not sure how they got my email as i’ve never submitted or purchased anything or had any interaction with them. same with literary death march. i also get a lot of job offers where i’d have to move to a computer in like waco, texas or something.

      spam is actually my favorite form of email. i almost dedicated my life to spam emails when i was 25 but decided to take my life in another direction.

  10. Richard Grayson


  11. Jeff Domansky PR

      A sparkling literary mag you have. Great writing. Provocative. Fresh. Sometimes even inspiring. I think I’ll subscribe, add you to my social feed, share your social connections and send a note to tell you how much I enjoy reading HTMLGiant. WTF? No subscriptions, no social, and damn difficult to find a place to engage with comments and send an email. Yeah, when I was in my twenties we wore our obscurity as a badge of honor too.