November 1st, 2013 / 6:46 pm

Does anyone have a good argument for using a money clip over a wallet?


  1. Ethan Ashley


  2. Weeatherhead


  3. elias tezapsidis

      saves space–>your pockets dont look as full/ bulky.

  4. Jerimee

      you’ll be inclined or required to say the word “clip” more, which is a better word than “wallet” ? also, some money clips are shiny and thus can be used to reflect light into peoples’ eyes, or like as a mirror, to see if you have anything in your teeth ?

  5. Anastasia Geffe

      Show off how much / little money you have. Also cause you to have to pull out all your money and cards every time you use it, thus exercising your fingers.

  6. Timmy Reed

      because wallets get fat and awkward and only fit in one pocket. A money clip allows you to separate your cash from the rest of your stuff and spread everything out so you don’t have a heavy uncomfortable bulge in one pocket. I thought they were pretty self-explanatory. What I don’t understand is shoes that have both velcro and laces…

  7. Weeatherhead

      right but what pocket do you keep the money clip in?

  8. Weeatherhead

      yeah this seems like the most compelling reason

  9. Weeatherhead

      I do like the word “clip” more than “wallet” but wallets tend to draw less attention than money clips. I would just hate for someone to say “nice money clip” even if they are being sincere.

  10. mimi

      compelling discussion

  11. Timmy Reed

      it goes in another pocket, a different pocket than wallet goes in. Perhaps your font pocket or sidepocket or the other back pocket or in one of your jacket’s pockets. The principle is all about spreading the wealth/bulk on your person. They are also good for paranoid types who fear getting mugged on the reg because you can hand over just your money instead of your whole wallet, but that is sort of just an added bonus. The money clip is basically for people who don’t like heavy wallets but don’t want to just carry their money loosely either. I just keep mine in a ball though. That way I never know how much or little I have, which is nice for my morale.

  12. DJ Sweeney

      there’s also a deep metaphysical value in losing all your shit

  13. Grant Maierhofer
  14. A D Jameson

      Makes you look like Scrooge McDuck

  15. shaun gannon

      if u are magnetic then u are less likely to lose your dough with a metal clip

  16. BenjReed

      A woman once told me that money clips are sexier than wallets. She was my mom, but still.

  17. jereme_dean

      Yeah, when you have a lot of cash on hand a wallet is too small. Typically, money clips are used by drug dealers, mobsters and insecure morons masquerading as either of the two.

  18. deadgod

      Paper stacked and folded once (and whatever coins before you can off-load) loose in the pocket is best, in my view. Smallest bills outside. Plastic in another pocket, keys in a third.

      If people taking your money is a real problem or a groovy delusion, keep some in one pocket and the rest in another.

  19. Adam Robinson

      What happens if you don’t use the clip, but just keep things in your pocket? Will all the money fall out?

  20. deadgod

      It might, if you’re held by your ankles upside-down and shaken.

  21. Tadd H

      Just pick one.

  22. Weeatherhead


  23. Weeatherhead

      current set up… thanks guys. my right butt cheek feels much better.