November 3rd, 2011 / 12:01 am

Let’s say someone cares enough about you to write your biography. Title it: this is fantasy anyway, so why not have fun?


  1. Brooks Sterritt

      Lewd, Crude, and Lucrative

  2. JP

      Another Mistake

  3. 6BatofMoon9

      A Heartbreaking Life of Staggering Genius

  4. postitbreakup

      You’ll Only Read This If You’re a Particularly Boring Kind of Masochist: The Unbearably Dull, Miserable, & Repetitive Life Story of a Failed Everything

  5. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      “It’s My Dad’s Fault”

  6. catheaven

      ‘in cat heaven everything is fine’

  7. UncleIstvan

      “this is fantasy anyway, so why not have fun?”  

  8. Sasha


  9. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Script font, italicized, underlined, fuchsia, maybe some sparkling stars around the type.

  10. Trey

      Notes from a Sea Wizard

  11. deadgod

      A Life of deadgod:  The Prequel

  12. DJ Berndt

      DJ Berndt: A Life of Banging Supermodels

  13. DJ Berndt

      you said fantasy, right?

  14. Felix

      All That Failure was Leading Somewhere

  15. bartleby_taco

      Gravity’s Rainbow 2

  16. Doug

      There Goes That Man: There Goes that Man Again

  17. silencedogood

      To Those Who He’s Disappointed, You are Not Alone

  18. mimi

      Oh Please Don’t Let This Ever End

  19. deadgod

      :The Abreaction

  20. Joethegray

      Isnt this interesting? Yes, yesindeed!

  21. Joe Sutton


  22. BoomersMustDie


  23. bobby


  24. Guestagain

      what’s the officer, problem?

  25. mimi

      “State your name.”

  26. Shannon

      Ass, Glitter and Crazy.

  27. MJ

      I love it when you call me big papa, or “hey you, what’s that sound”

  28. ryder collins

      how about fuchsia to purple and in all caps, yo?

  29. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      I am for that!

  30. Don

      Lily, what will yours be called?

  31. NLY

      “My Face Is Wet and There’s Hair On My Tongue: A Life”

  32. Guestagain

      I swear to drunk I’m not God

  33. mimi

      Does the Pope shit in the woods?

  34. mimi

      Portrait of the Idol As a Young Corpse

  35. Guestagain

      only if a bear and Helen Keller witness

  36. Eboni j Dunbar

      The Elder Sister

  37. deadgod

      touchy feely hairy faerie

  38. Guestagain

      this makes uncomfortable imagery

  39. mimi

      no kidding!  


  40. mimi

      whoa whoa whoa  

      okay  let’s back up a moment here  i take back my “no kidding!” commentit’s actually _your_ comment, Guestagain (“only if a bear and Helen Keller witness”), more than deader’s, that “makes uncomfortable imagery”  

      close your eyes, think about it

  41. deadgod

      Once upon a time, there was a water pump at the edge of the forest.  . . .

  42. Merzmensch

      Merzmensch. An inner migration.

  43. Dawn.

      Sex, Drugs, and Jesus.

      ^^^ My first review at age 16 when I thought I was a poet, while sitting in a hookah bar, delivered by a much older male writer over the phone.

  44. Nick

      We Apologize For The Error.

  45. sadnessOptional

      Police Academy 2: The Novelization: A Life.