October 12th, 2011 / 6:09 pm

“My rap name’s Director’s Commentary”: A Mixed Ape by Giant friends NewVillager here. (Songs ranted over by some sort of maybe crazy person. First person to guess the ranter gets a couple of random galleys from my desk.)


  1. Matthew Simmons

      For the record, many of the random galleys on my desk are totally awesome.

  2. Daniel Bailey

      andy rooney

  3. werdfert

      alex jones

  4. bobby

      I really wanted to know who that voice was. 

  5. mark baumer

      gene morgan

  6. Matthew Simmons

      Kinda half right.

  7. reynard

      i just listened to this while watching the trailers for a couple of hollywood movies, including the avengers & drive & the avengers & drive & i think it improved those experiences immensely especially since i couldn’t really tell what was in the trailer & what was part of the track – i especially liked the part about checking the mail twice an hour or yr neighbors won’t respect you because the mail doesn’t come & they don’t have mailboxes anyway, i think that’s true – i have to check my mail by prying the box open with a couple of screwdrivers because there’s a broken key stuck in it from the last tenant which i told the manager about but he is lazy & depressed because the danish (?) man he met on a train platform went back to canada & also the number on our door is upside down & the hot & cold water are backwards

  8. Matthew Simmons


      It was Andrew Leland.