October 2nd, 2012 / 2:54 pm


  1. Beach Sloth

      I approve this message.

  2. Michael J Seidlinger

      Everyone comment on his blog post. Let us show him how much we care.

  3. shaun gannon

      there’s a reason he’s the only person i’ve dedicated a poem to

      (it’s because i’m in fucking love with sam pink)

  4. Stephen Tully Dierks

      Sam’s awesome

  5. Beach Sloth

      Sam Pink is ‘crush-able’. He’s also bloggable too.

  6. herocious

      done. but now i feel like i should’ve said more.

  7. Trey

      I like sam pink and don’t want him to quit, but I also don’t want to pressure anyone into doing something they don’t genuinely love anymore

  8. spencermadsen

      sam’s writing has affected me in the weirdest, most positive ways

  9. Andrea Coates

      Come on, Sam. I like your Work.

  10. davidmmmorton

      Giving up is brave.

  11. Richard Thomas

      yes. did it yesterday. i love sam’s writing.