February 24th, 2012 / 7:45 pm

The NYRB is having their winter sale. 50% off. Just bought 8 more fucking books.


  1. Helen

      Yes, all of these please. 
      Damn, I need an old-fashioned patron. A Medici who wants me to produce art for them (art, and nothing else, just to make them look good), so I could write on vellum this list as part of necessary supplies. That and they would get my crappy laptop upgraded.

  2. Blake Butler

      awesome, and goddamnit.

  3. M. Kitchell

      you & me both

  4. M. Kitchell

      wish i had money & storage, hah

      ALSOif you live in and/or near san francisco, dog eared books on 20th & valencia always has a large selection of remaindered (aka ~$7 for NEW) copies of NYRB books with a stock that changes occasionally! (though clearly not everything is there)

  5. Michael Filippone

      I’ve already got my stack of unread nyrbs, but what the hell does that mean anyway? Pile ’em on. Higher. Higher.

      We need a rec thread for the books on sale. I’ll start:

      Stefan Zweig’s Chess Story
      Jules Renard’s Nature Stories

  6. Scott Riley Irvine

      The Moon and the Bonfires by Pavese is really good.

  7. bartleby_taco

      lol omg, this isnt good

  8. Jeff Jackson

      Thanks for the heads up. Too many great titles. My already overstuffed bookshelves will hate this. 
      What did you order, Ken? 

  9. deadgod

      It’s such an obvious gimmick:  re-publish OOP semi- or completely forgotten Excellent Books.  –but these guys do it sensibly and well.  (Probably lots of clever ideas are ‘obvious’–after one hears them.)  Half off – ha ha.

      Let me recommend:  The Siege of Krishnapur and All About H. Hatterr.

  10. Anonymous

      i’m gonna need a loan.

  11. Ken Baumann

      Nightmare Alley, Everything Flows, The Radiance of the King, Don’t Look Now, Inverted World, Conquered City, The Slynx, and The Chrysalids.