June 28th, 2012 / 9:38 am

So what are you working on at the moment?


  1. Alex Alvärëz

      Just finished reading a blog post, in the process of writing a comment but have a feeling I’ll just get distrac

  2. mimi

      lesson plans for next year’s crop of semi-literate gangbangers yo

  3. Erik Stinson

      biography of your mom 

  4. bartleby_taco

      stories, recording of music, 2,000 pg war and peace like novel titled “The Four Cheeses of Mexico” heh nah jk

  5. Mr. Frank Rodriguez

      sometimes crappy novella i want to finish just so it’s done and I can send it out to be rejected/acknowledged by the world.

  6. A D Jameson

      “Autobiography of your mom” would be better

  7. A D Jameson

      War and Cheese

  8. A D Jameson

      Yeah, get it done, send it out! Move on, move on.

  9. pauljessup


  10. Luke Geddes

      Working on dealing with fear of starting anything new, meanwhile trying to figure out ways to promote my book without being a douchebag, which I’ve already failed at by posting this comment.

  11. mimi

      Fifty Grades of Cheese

  12. Erik Stinson

      yeah considered that, seemed too arty

  13. Nicholas Grider

      Dull, stilted 400-page novel for August delivery and a short story that marries The New Sincerity with whimsical magic realism and “poetically gritty” masculinist realism.  The story includes mutual masturbation with grimy farmers while the novel only features light bdsm with a guy named Alan.

  14. A.d. TheGreat Carson
  15. A D Jameson

      My mom’s pretty arty

  16. A D Jameson

      Book It! I used to do that.

  17. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Making a bunch of zines using college students’ unused print quotas. Trying to rewrite famous speeches using gibberish with similar phonetics and cadence. Then hopefully a gothic/noir/whatever novel, might need to get some adderall for that.

      Also listening to a recent college grad talk about different places to move that will probably mean nothing to her in two years.

  18. Jackson Nieuwland

      My tan

  19. William Owen

      Smoked Gouda, and Old Drunken Goat. Still the best cheese I’ve ever had.

  20. Buck Wilkins

      I’m learning the administrative side of an online volunteer data management system being used by the non-profit where I work. I started this process in October but was told to hand it off to someone else. It came back to me last month after passing through several hands almost unchanged.

  21. Trey

      Imaginary wedding vows. Not as art, just, like, practice.

  22. Trey

      also poems about space-ish

  23. A D Jameson

      I worked on mine today, while biking.

  24. A D Jameson

      Any good ones?

  25. Shannon

      Stories. Also trying to figure out how to carve out some extra money in my budget so I can go get more holes put in my face sooner rather than later.

  26. Trey

      no, none at all! but this, I think, is why I must practice.

  27. A D Jameson

      Now you’ve got me thinking that I should be practicing, too.

  28. sam salvador

      transcribing baseball announcers mostly while pretending it’s writing

  29. Spenser Davis

      i don’t even know anymore

  30. Spenser Davis

      sounds rich

  31. shaun gannon

      i need to get caught up on boardwalk empire oh yeah and i guess i’m like three weeks late on lit pub reviews

  32. A D Jameson

      See Trey below, for wedding vows.

  33. A D Jameson

      Review Boardwalk Empire!

  34. A D Jameson

      A friend of mine wrote a poetry collection while watching TV—associative response stuff.

  35. A D Jameson

      I once worked in tech writing, and found that there really wasn’t any work for me to do.

  36. Anonymous

      Sounds Thicke.

  37. Josh Spilker

      god & taco trucks

  38. mimi

      cincuenta tonos de queso fresco

  39. mimi

      no, wait, that might be ‘blood meridian’

  40. Banango

      novel that involves 20-somethings in south texas drinking lots of alcohol & discovering a satanic cult in their town

  41. sam salvador

       awesome–would love to read that

  42. A D Jameson

      I don’t think he ever published it. It was David Rees, the guy who went on to do Get Your War On. The book was called The River of Science, I think. I haven’t read it in some time now but I remember really liking it.

  43. sam salvador

       well now i just want to read it more!

  44. A D Jameson

      I just googled it and there’s no mention of it online. My copy is in a box at my parents’ house, I think. Maybe I’ll email Dave and see if he’ll let me post some excerpts here, or something…

  45. Don

      Season one of ‘Gossip Girl’.

  46. werdfert

      i’m seeing what happens when i try to neuter the action out of Die Hard by way of poems. you can see a couple of them here and here.