September 26th, 2012 / 12:05 pm


  1. j orloski

      Damn, really was looking forward to “Hip Hop Minister,” starring Eddie Griffin, but without the book, the movie will never happen!

  2. Matthew Simmons

      the single greatest love story of all time

  3. Erik Stinson

      writer as bad investment

  4. garret travis

      sounds right.

  5. Spenser Davis

      it think it’s called performance art

  6. deadgod

      The Mead ‘book’ is already written, right?

  7. David Fishkind

      makes you wonder why the journalist didn’t just collect some writings and send them in

  8. Matthew Simmons

      That’s what I was wondering, too. This seems to suggest they asked for a collection of previously published work. Maybe she’s having hella trouble writing the intro.

  9. deadgod

      Ha ha – maybe, or the index just won’t gel.

      Her contract was signed in 2003, according to that round-up; she’s written a book’s-worth of articles and such in The New Yorker since then, hasn’t she?

      I wonder if there aren’t other things going on behind/alongside the apparent writerly sloth, inconstancy, and fraud: crooked agents, trigger-happy corporate lawyers, miscommunication, and so on.

      –I mean, in addition to deadbeat writers.

  10. Roxane

      That’s the only one that really made me turn my head. I wonder what happened there.

  11. deadgod

      I’d also be interested in hearing Cox’s side of her story. She’s on MSNBC more than once a week – close to once a day? – and she blogs for the Guardian; googling returns a pretty active past few years–she doesn’t seem lazy, anyway.

      And I found this comment (at the end of the article) by Robert Gottlieb: .

      As Blake says, the spectacle of writers so publicly taking the money and running is pretty funny/dumb, but, as you ask: is that what happened in each case?