December 31st, 2013 / 9:09 pm

What did you most regret doing in 2013? (or not doing)


  1. A D Jameson

      Obv in my case, it’s writing for this site. Haha.

      No, seriously, I kept meaning to go tanking, but never got around to it. I intend to make it happen in 2014.

  2. Jeremy Hopkins

      Failing to find some radballz shit to do tonight.

  3. Cary Stough

      Not telling her and her and her I love them.

  4. Michael T.

      Not watching enough movies, which is what I do in my free time. Makes me wonder what I’ve really been doing this year…

  5. elias tezapsidis

      omg, “regret catalog…” a+

      i d have to say working out for both!

  6. deadgod
  7. doggiedogg


      NOT DOING:
      -revising what I actually wrote
      -spending more time with family

      i.e. the usual

  8. deadgod
  9. A D Jameson


      Wasn’t she also the villain in the new Star Trek film?

  10. deadgod

      Something else, ain’t it.

      About DiFranco’s Bohemian Club parody (if only…), the #stopblamingwhitewomenweneedunity hashhash, intersectionality, and all that, I have complicated, mixed, and maybe inappropriate feelings.

      But if “Mandi” turned out to be a black woman – and not a friend of DiFranco’s, just someone with a healthily absurdist sense of humor – , THAT would be the Best Troll Ever So Far.

  11. Richard Grayson

      Reading comments online and responding to them.

  12. mimi

      “But if “Mandi” turned out to be a black woman”…

      Best Ever
      ha ha

      : b

  13. Jeremy Hopkins

      So long as the plantation continues to exist,
      I say, Why not use it,
      and therefore I ask, Why not tear it down?
      Make a parking lot, or cabin with a huge parking lot.
      Tear down the South and erect artists’ retreats
      with ample parking and no bad vibes.
      Infinite bandage.
      Only a few things are not allowed:
      pancake syrup, chewing tobacco, and Euro-centric poetry.