April 20th, 2011 / 7:29 pm

Sara McGrath is the new associate editor of Titular Journal. We killed Krammer Abrahams because we found out he was not a human being. We used his skin to build a physical masthead. It’s at Jimmy’s condo. Just kidding, Krammer is alive and well and has a book coming out (came out? I dunno). Anyway, send Sara and me some shit. Make it up. Have fun with it. Base it on a movie, TV show, or novel and name it after that movie, TV show, or novel. That seems fun, right? It is. Okay cool.


  1. Jimmy Chen

      thank you reynard [ongoing], krammer [retroactively], and sara [prematurely, with faith] for everything.

  2. reynard

      jimmy i’ve been thinking, we should all blog about our staff meetings (we should have staff meetings) in a hyper-critical way, but not send any emails about anything ever

  3. Tummler

      This has given me motivation to give it another shot with Titular.

  4. Anonymous

      things will be cool forever. my hands are good hands to be in

  5. darby

      no one’s a writer till they are with tit.

  6. Madison Langston

      yaaaaay blog witches