August 28th, 2014 / 4:37 pm

Somebody by Miranda July

(Let’s all do this.)


  1. deadgod

      Cool app.

      That’s pretty close to how prostitution works in a whorehouse. A friend told me.

  2. deadgod

      And that Lee Noble is one HECK of an actor!

  3. jereme_dean

      hell yeah, the next step towards becoming a total fucking pussy and avoiding all possible unsafe conversation. we really should do it!

      guessing miranda july’s interaction with hispanics has only been through the movie ‘mi vida loca’ and the contrived irony is supposed to negate the blatant use of a dead stereotype.

  4. Bobby Dixon

      I think this app has some really great potential & while I understand some of the initial criticisms, none really apply to me since I am not able to participate.

      LIving in the app ghetto of anything non-ios, so many awesome apps & networks are unavailable to me.

      While I understand the crews & developers behind this app & others (looking at you, Medium) may be slight & inexperienced when it comes to porting on different platforms, they really are favoring those who can afford, or choose, the itunes & apple experience — even the language of iphone vs smartphone, ipad vs tablet, feels tacky.

      Especially since many fairly educated estimates claim ~eighty percent of smartphone users are on the android platform (look it up via your preferred search engine, yo), this feels exclusive when it feels like it should be inclusive.

      I know this really is petty & I do not mean to seem insensitive. Especially those trying to use windows mobile — I pray for you.