September 21st, 2011 / 3:40 pm


  1. Douglas

      Adam, or, you know, fellow commentfolk, could you maybe list a few of your favorites? For those of us unfamiliar with many of the works in question?

  2. M.G. Martin
  3. Anonymous

      Some good titles listed.  Thanks for posting this.

  4. Ken Baumann

      More bookshelves.

  5. Trey

      The Trees The Trees, Kings of the Fucking Sea, and Beauty Was the Case that They Gave Me are some poetry books worth checking out, if you’re interested in poetry books. others I haven’t read, but I see some books from Ugly Duckling Presse on there and I’m not sure you can go wrong with UDP

  6. deadgod

      I don’t (yet) know the translations offered here, but Paul Celan probably becomes sine qua non for more readers than almost any other poet.