July 5th, 2012 / 8:01 am

Does someone you know “use substances” when they write?

If so, which “substances”?

And if so does that someone feel they need “substances” to write?


  1. Anonymous

      No, I’m a recovering teenager. I notice my poems are better without intravenous speedballs. I keep my eyes open for appropriate lengths of time, at lit hours, and don’t concern myself with low-murmurs one cannot locate (they’re never, never outside the window).

  2. sam salvador

      saw stephen elliot read once. someone asked, did you write while you were on heroin? he said, sure, i just write all the time.

      so maybe writing is the thing you do but maybe there are other things that slip in and out of yr life and hopefully don’t drag you under but writing is there, a backbone or a buoy, a journal or an escape plan.

      so if i smoke a bone every once in a while–i don’t do the majority of writing wired this way–it may need editing afterward but, who cares, it’s pretty darn fun.

  3. leapsloth14


  4. Nicholas Grider

      Vyvanse (it’s an amphetamine like Adderall) and Klonopin cocktail.  Not necessary but helpful.  It doesn’t make me more creative, it just makes me less neurotic.

  5. Ifyr Fiphifive

      can only write about ALT LIT / NS when im on bath salts 

  6. A D Jameson

      I just heard about bath salts for the first time only yesterday.

  7. A D Jameson

      At a 4th of July bath salts party.

  8. Rivas

      I smoke weed when editing because it has me second-guess absolutely everything… 10minutes minimum on every sentence when on riff raff

  9. shaun gannon

      i know someone who smokes weed erryday………………….. B)

  10. tyler lebens

      there’s a synthetic powder they sell at the head shop in the mall across town from me. It’s called Writer’s DEELITE. It problly makes you string prose like fuckin Fitzgerald or someone. Email me and i’ll hook you up.

  11. Richard Grayson

      You — like many young people — confuse being a writer of substance with a writer that uses substances.  I suppose, though, if one is unable to aim for the former, then one may have to resort to the latter.

  12. kjtuyy

      i’m always drunk when i comment on htlmgiant

  13. A D Jameson

      “Substances” can include laptops, tables, pens.

  14. Tom Collins

      I don’t take substances to write. But I often write when I take substances. 

  15. Anonymous

      flintstones vitamins lend my writing a certain edge. I think Hubert Selby took these while writing Last Exit to Brooklyn; Georges Bataille while writing Story of the Eye. I take the bigass multivitamin right before I watch “strange movies”, makes the experience that much better. Makes every movie a walk down Mulholland Dr.

  16. A D Jameson

      Now I know why the comments sections here get the way they do.