September 20th, 2011 / 1:44 pm

Isn’t it time for Dusan Makavejev’s Sweet Movie (1974) to make a comeback, due to its name alone?


  1. M. Kitchell

      It already did via it’s Criterion Collection release I thought?  Makavejev’s gained a lot more prevalence in the last few years thanks to torrent sites as well.  (The first time I saw Sweet Movie was by going to Milner library and watching it at one of their TV/VCR stations)

  2. deadgod

      A sis/bro thumbs-up is being nominated.

  3. Adam D Jameson

      I guess I meant a comeback “with the kids.” (Although aren’t we all kids?)

      It seems to me that W.R. hogs all the attention. (Not that W.R. isn’t great.)

      Mike, it’s too bad you and I weren’t at ISU at the same time. (Or were we? Didn’t you tell me you came to the Cinema Society once? We showed Sweet Movie there, in maybe 2001 or so.)

  4. mimi

      love love love ‘Montenegro’.

      favorite line: ‘Montenegro name is a joke.’

      must see this ‘Sweet Movie’.

  5. M. Kitchell

      Montenegro made me fall in love with Marianne Faithfull’s album “Broken English”

  6. M. Kitchell

      Hrm, the route I came from (being the route that follows “looking for fucked up & disturbing horror movies”) placed Sweet Movie at the top due mostly to the inclusion of Otto Muehl’s commune, haha.  But I guess critically W.R. does get all the attention (which I also watched at Milner).  

      I never actually attended ISU, just lived in Normal & worked at The Movie Fan– and yeah, I went to Cinema Society a couple times, haha.

  7. Scottmcclanahan

      Amen, brother.   One of the great films of all time, but what about the Coca Cola Kid?

  8. deadgod

      He means “comeback in this period when (some) young people call good things sweet” – a good movie now, when a sis/bro calls good things sweet, might be called, by a sis/bro, a sweet movie.

  9. mimi


      and so many memorable scenes –

      the garden shears in the carry-on bag at the airport
      (not to mention the leg of lamb!)

      the dildo on the remote-control tank

      the knife-in-the-forehead group-photo-op

      old ladies dancing to abba

      the decadence of dr. pazardjian

      and svetozar cvetkovic taking a shower – yummy

      Now how could one Not want to see ‘montenegro’!

  10. Matthew Simmons

      Just watched this film recently. Goodness me, it was….well, goodness me.

  11. Adam D Jameson

      That is the name of a movie that I like!

  12. Adam D Jameson

      I think I came to it that way, too. I was really into the Viennese Aktionists for a while (late ’90s, early 2000s).

      You wouldn’t happen to remember which Cinema Societies you came to, would you? I remember we talked about this once.

      That was a pretty fun time. I wonder if I can write about it now, or if ISU would get sued again? Ha ha.

  13. Adam D Jameson

      That is what I mean.

  14. Maximuskim

      It’s so GOOD

  15. Matthew Simmons

      Seriously think it would be interesting to compare/contrast The Coca-Cola Kid (film) and Coca-Cola Kid (Sega Game Gear game).