February 16th, 2012 / 4:02 pm


  1. lily hoang

      I imagined Humbert Humbert to be more charming and less creepy. That guy looks too much like a pedophile. 

  2. Bobby Dixon

      The Judge doesn’t look scary. 

  3. deadgod

      The Humbert drawing doesn’t really have “thick” eyebrows, does it? and the “aging ape eyes” might be a bit more pouched, baggier.  I imagine the Judge, as an aspect of his magnitude, as wider, with a more spherical, fleshy head, and small – almost beady – eyes.

      I’d be interested in George Smiley, whom I thought neither Guinness nor Oldman looked like, though I thought Oldman did very well with the still acting.

  4. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      the picture of the judge pisses me off. i don’t know why, but it does. i can’t picture that picture saying, “not three weeks before this he was run out of fort smith arkansas for having congress with a goat. yes lady, that is what i said. goat.’

  5. Bobby Dixon

      I am really curious about the urge to demystify literary characters by trying to see what they would look like IRL instead of just in our head space. 

      It’s like the same urge to make a book (or, even comic book) into a movie. Although I think sometimes some movies wind up better than the books (pretty much anything by Fincher, for example), what is the urge not just to (re)create the original material, but also to consume it?

      I have so many friends read a book and get excited to see it once it becomes a movie, and I find it strange. I feel like that too, sometimes, but it is a strange fucking thing.

  6. Shannon

      Me too. I like them a lot though.

  7. Matt Margo

      The Misfit looks too scholarly and too defenseless.

  8. Helen

      I thought he looked like a cross between George Clooney and Mel Gibson. Terrifying and compelling to look at. But all of these images look a little unwell. I imagine they characters of many novels (maybe Dostoyevski’s excluded) eating a little better, getting some fresh air.

  9. Michael J. Martin

      That was kinda cool. But… wow. A lot of white guys. And some non-white guys, read: white women. But some non-white men & women. Nonetheless, pretty limited scope.

  10. Michael J. Martin

      Oh cool, you can suggest a character.