January 12th, 2012 / 1:22 pm

The Knox Writers’ House is a kind of insane expansive recording projects where three rad people went all across the U.S. interviewing and recording writers reading their work and work they love. Literally hours upon hours of audio & text content from a huge array, from Heather Christle to Carole Maso.


  1. Anonymous


  2. Michael Filippone

      Woah! This is so cool! thanks for sharing.

  3. deadgod

      The remarks at the bottom of “Cities”?

  4. Katie Smither

      Yes!  It’s an awesome project.  

  5. Jamieiredell

      I am proud that, by myself, I increased their inventory under “I” by 100%.

  6. Scott Riley Irvine

      “Megaman 2” by Brian Oliu

  7. Mary Miller

      This is awesome.

  8. Anonymous

      does anyone know a way to download the audio files?