July 30th, 2012 / 10:19 am

Lincoln Michel‘s class asked him what the current trending literary styles are. He said G-Chat Realism and Magical Tweeism.



  1. Erik Stinson


  2. Blake Butler

      i’ll go with “simply existing”

  3. Blake Butler

      i’ll go with “simply existing”

  4. socrates adams

      sitting in a bookshop drawing things on ms paint going mad

  5. ZERO

      ive never heard of Lincoln Michels therefore he is irrelevant 

  6. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Multimedia, first person present tense, dearth of linearity, mentioning David Lynch every once in a while somewhere.

  7. lily hoang

      High standards.

  8. Adam Robinson

      Northampton Foliage.

  9. kb82


  10. lorian long

      i just ate a whole bag of snapea crisps in one sitting

  11. Mike Young

      We Report You Decide

  12. Melissa Broder

      the new sincerity

  13. Courtney Maum

      I dunno I read a lot of stuff about vaginas

  14. ryan chang

      Larry Davidism

  15. deadgod

      It’s only rarely not too early to tell, right?  The owl of Minerva sets aloft when a chicken falls down on the other side of empty woods, and so on.