August 30th, 2012 / 11:11 am

I’ve been trying to make triple spoonerisms, merely to pass the time (like when riding the lift). My only noteworthy success thus far has been “rape soccer pissers.”



  1. Trey

      spent a lot of time looking at it but just can’t figure out the origin phrase for your spoonerism

  2. A D Jameson

      rape soccer pissers = rock paper scissors

      I guess “raper sock pissers” is more correct, but I also swapped the “er” from “paper/raper” over to “sock/soccer.” (Which maybe makes it a quadruple spoonerism? Though at some point it really just becomes rearranging vowels willy-nilly.)

  3. deadgod

      sock raper pizzers

      or, rotating otherwise: pock saper rizzers


      –the Spoonerism keeping the aft of the words intact and in order while swapping/rotating the fore sounds.

      I think you’ve coined a portmoonerism, though a spoortmanteau seems taxonomically possible.

  4. A D Jameson

      The only way the opening consonants can move is either over to the left or over to the right. Hence:

      A-B-C > C-A-B or B-C-A

      So, yeah, I guess mine’s a postmoonerism! Thanks for the term…

  5. A D Jameson

      I’ve been trying to make one with a variety of cream pie (the food, not the porn term). But none of the known dishes ultimately work:

      banana cream pie > panana beam cry or canana pream bye
      Boston cream pie > poston beam cry or coston pream bye
      chocolate cream pie > pocolate cheam cry or crocolate pream chie
      coconut cream pie > poconut keam cry or croconut pream kie

  6. mimi

      i often accidentally say things like ‘rake popper scissors’ in real life

  7. mimi

      or ‘pock raper scissors’

  8. deadgod

      Yes; my first is C-A-B, and the second, B-C-A. (I spelled ‘-issors’ with ‘z’s because, without the ‘sc-‘, a reader might hear pisser, ‘urinator; urinal’ – which is comical, why not?, but a Spoonerism?.)

      Maybe Spoonerism covers more mixture than just switching the opening sounds, though. ?

  9. A D Jameson

      It has been left to you and me, deadgod, to write The Catalog on the Tendencies and Behaviors of Nth-degree Spoonerisms.

  10. Trey

      for the sake of comedy I would allow you to adjust panana to panini

  11. deadgod

      Lateral Spoonerism? Cubist Spoonerism?

      Alfred E. Spoonerism!

  12. rawbbie

      I believe “Raper Sock Pissers” works if you start with the phrase Paper Rock Scissors… so A-B-C becomes B-C-A…

  13. A D Jameson

      How about “Panama beam cry”? Though that’s not a particularly interesting collocation.

  14. A D Jameson

      OK, I’ve got a real one: hook, line, and sinker > look, sine, and, linker.

      It’s not all that marvelous, but it really is a real one!

  15. A D Jameson

      Sure. That or “Sock Raper Pissers” is a better example of a pure triple spoonerism than my “Rape Soccer Pissers.”

  16. Trey

      it seems believable to me that if you were engaging in a spoonerism you might adjust the new, spoonerized (?) non-word into a real word or name, like panana into panama. believable if not real

  17. Trey

      a d, have you thought of looking at magic block code names for inspiration? both rock paper scissors and hook line sinker have been used as three-set code names in the past

  18. A D Jameson

      Yeah, that’s where hook line and sinker came from! I was trying to think of well-known three-word phrases to play around with, and landed on Magic block code names :)

  19. deadgod

      Wait: that’d be ‘look, sine, and hinker’. (Or, rotating the other direction, ‘sook, hine, and linker’.)

      You do see garbled not-Spoonerisms that play with such well-known phrases: Crook, Whine, and Blinker Esqq.–Shysters since 1871

  20. A D Jameson

      God damn it, I am just no good at these! Well, squack to wear bun…

  21. mimi

      no kidding …
      but – oddly refreshing and charmingly funny

  22. A D Jameson

      I need to write a program that does it for me!

  23. A D Jameson

      I think the real life Spooner, he made Spoonerisms in real life, and unintentionally?

      I myself sometimes do that, too. (Wouble dones.)

  24. mimi

      just popped into my head !
      my dad used to say: the “whole fam damn-ily”
      incomplete-triple double-spoonerism