January 2nd, 2012 / 5:24 pm

As of yesterday, Ulysses is officially a work of public domain. Now what? [UPDATE: Or not… at least in America. (via Edward Champion)]


  1. Dill


  2. reynard

      ‘chopped & bloomed’ becomes a thing

  3. deadgod

      What corporation ‘owns’ Ulysses?

  4. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      pears soap is now owned by unilever 

  5. deadgod

      and bud/bud lite is flemish/walloon ditch sweat

      jim died 70 years ago this year

      why aren’t his books, in accordance with the ’98 law, now freeware

      does a corp own them for another 25 years

  6. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      stephen j joyce a bitch

  7. joe

      But I thought it all was

  8. herocious

      tiny toe press will handpress 7 copies of ulysses

  9. Christopher
  10. deadgod

      (actually it was 70 years ago last year mea culpa)

      yes there’s a link added by Christopher below (posted after your comment)

      anybody who destroys writing not theirs is human-shaped garbage

  11. deadgod

      I remember that article; but lookit–it mostly talks about unpublished writing.  –letters, diaries, and so on.

      Most recently, in 1998, Congress added 20 years to the terms of copyright.  As a result, any work created by an individual is now protected for at least 70 years after the creator’s death.

      Well, it’s now been “70 years [since] the creator’s death”.  Has Stephen Loser incorporated the “estate”, giving him another 25 years of unearned and ill-spent $$$?

  12. marshall

      bootleg joyce all day

  13. Goofy

      Curse you, Sonny Bono. (The Senator from Disney.)  

      This is also why we can’t buy the last couple of volumes of Penguin’s new translation of In Search of Lost Time. Can’t buy it in the US, only in England.