September 11th, 2013 / 12:09 pm
Roundup & Snippets

Are you excited for Berl’s Poetry Book Shop’s new permanent location in DUMBO? I am. Poetry trivia and book art exhibitions: yes. Contrary* to all the chemical hazing and missile rattling, it feels like there is a nice breeze of new poetry-heavy bookstores opening all over (see: So & So Books in North Carolina). Plus I’ve heard about people starting their own Mellow Pages style¬†small press libraries in Oakland and Austin, and Vouched¬†has a new San Francisco wing, with an Austin wing coming soon, I think. Where else? Let’s make a Lonely Planet Cool New Book Places in the comments.

*(I know, I know)


  1. Rauan Klassnik

      i’m excited for all of this !!

      and hope to see more of these stores and libraries sprouting up, coast to coast

      and would like to point that Seattle is home to Open Books a “poetry-only bookstore” founded in 1995!

  2. Weeatherhead