September 26th, 2013 / 12:15 pm

Greetings & apologies for the recent lack of content on my part (assuming anyone’s even missed me)—I’ve been wrapped up with writing a new book, and with teaching. But in a desperate attempt to stay current I’ll contribute the following vital question: uh, what’s your favorite color? Mine is blue.


  1. Eric


      (And congrats on the book.)

  2. Adam Robinson
  3. Bobby Dixon

      partial to greens

  4. A D Jameson

      Drat, I was hoping to trick everyone!

      Book us underway but nowhere near finished yet…and may never be a book, but here’s hoping…

  5. Eric

      Progress is always good….

  6. Jeremy Hopkins

      I missed you—no one else ever votes me up.

  7. Jeremy Hopkins

      My favorite color is “Invisibility Cloak”.

  8. Jeremy Hopkins

      Or, if you insist, totally neutral grey.

  9. deadgod

      Whatever color cone-cell photoreceptors are.

  10. mimi

      you mean you ‘like’ the ‘color’ of photopsin?

      because, evidently, there are three ‘colors’ of photopsin

      Cones are normally one of the three types, each with different pigment, namely: S-cones (absorbs blue), M-cones (absorbs green) and L-cones (absorbs red). Each cone is therefore sensitive to visible wavelengths of light that correspond to red (long-wavelength), green (medium-wavelength), or blue (short-wavelength) light. Because humans usually have three kinds of cones with different photopsins, which have different response curves and thus respond to variation in colour in different ways, we have trichromatic vision.

      i was going to say i like the ‘red’ pigment in japanese maples

      but then it seems i might seem fickle, having previously said that i like…

      chlorophyll green

      isn’t life grand??!!

      Rhodopsin, also known as visual purple, is a biological pigment in photoreceptor cells of the retina that is responsible for the first events in the perception of light.

      “visual purple”

      : )

  11. mimi

      “A japanese maple tree contains choloropyll, but we cant see it because anthocyanin (red) overwhelmes the cholorphyll”

  12. mimi

      and i had also thought of saying ‘bear’, A D J, just 4 U

  13. deadgod

      There are three kinds of cone cells, not three colors of cone cells. If they’re the same color–say, purple–, then that color’s my answer.

  14. elias tezapsidis

      david lynch red, just to be a cliche

  15. mimi

      this is confusing

      let’s ask zippy for help explaining

  16. Mike Kleine

      Yes! Where have you been? (I know you already said teaching and the book blah blah but seriously, where)? And about the book–I still really want to read that ‘part 3’.

      Otherwise: it was purple but now it’s blue, I think…

  17. A D Jameson

      You know, I have part 3 drafted out, as well as part 4, but they still need substantial revision. And at the moment I’m really invested in the new book, which also has something of an external deadline, and I find it hard to work on more than one writing project at a time. Plus I’ve had a few other, smaller writing projects I’ve had to get done—mostly reviews and some small film articles.

      But I read from that porn novel thing tonight, which made me think, I should go back and finish those installments! So I will vow here and now to definitely do so in October! (& thanks for the interest!)

  18. A D Jameson

      mimi, you are my new favorite color.

  19. Grant Maierhofer

      this is a beautiful song that mentions color and that’s as much excuse as i’ll need to post it here so i don’t have to keep listening to it by myself like a cop.

  20. kjtuyy

      i did miss you