February 11th, 2013 / 11:47 pm

Who’s got the worst author photo?


  1. Ryan Bradford

      Richard Bachman

  2. Raj
  3. Brooks Sterritt

      not trying to “pick on” Dan Brown, but he has some cheesy ones (turtleneck.com)

  4. mimi
  5. M. Kitchell

      idk who has the worst, but Danielle Steel definitely has the best

  6. Molly Brodak

      THis one of Yves Bonnefoy because he is authentically smiting his heart/dying as the photo is being taken

  7. Mark Cugini

      all of us.

  8. Patrick Trotti

      Love DFW but this…

  9. bartleby_taco

      the one that irked me the most recently was the one of the first edition of ben afleck’s leaving the atocha station — made me think the smugness of the main character was in fact not a put-on or a fiction but a reflection of the actual dude

  10. Michael Fischer

      Any author photo wherein the author is wearing a scarf.

  11. Weeatherhead

      can we even be sure that’s his hand?