It is Friday (not): Go Right Ahead

Sorry. I was mara-stumbling (stumbling through a marathon)

Sorry. So drunk to not realize my drunkenness

Sorry. But you must order your life for it to fall apart

Want an hour to vanish politely? Well…gin

Anyone can panhandle at night. Even the afternoon. I’d like to see you properly panhandle in the morning

Strange. All whiskey is “fairly good.”

Is that you, trembling in the bed?

I can’t seem to click my tongue with my teeth. Maybe that’s only for novels, or sober people

Disgrace will dive at you!

Drunk as a fucking postage stamp

Me? I prefer an array of siphons and a punch bowl big as a synagogue

Ceiling up your honey! My Sara!

That’s cold

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April 25th, 2010 / 7:58 pm