it is ok for someone to dislike you based on something of yours they have read.

it is ok to be called a dickhead or any other name by someone you don’t know on the internet.

it is ok to take someone’s work off your site because you believe that will make you feel better.

it is ok to accept someone who does not accept you.

it is ok to try to demean and refute someone in a comments section.

it is ok to write something that no one likes.

it is ok to get rejected.

it is ok to be offended by minor things.

it is ok to dislike something and then feel so insecure that you have to try to persuade other people to dislike it.

it is ok for everyone to hate you.

it is ok if magazines really like your work and accept it all the time.

it is ok if none of them ever care.

it is ok to say nothing in defense of anything else.

it is ok.

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December 3rd, 2008 / 9:32 pm