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“She and he breathed today in many different ways, some of them unique, some of them more familiar, and in places they couldn’t have until then predicted”

New all-prose Alice Blue features heavy hitters Brian Evenson, Amelia Gray, AD Jameson (from whose “Whisper, Current, Gust” the title of this post is snagged), Susan Moorhead, Erik Leavitt, Julio Peralta-Paulino, Erika Kristine Bogner, Sam Schild, Timothy David Orme, Michael Kimball, Benjamin Buchholz, and Aaron Block

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May 11th, 2010 / 3:28 pm

Hey my little Lisbon doorknob: one has one’s house, where one might hum a song from a 1970s sitcom, one’s face gold for the stream, locking one’s doors with the lack of an erection, the erector sets no one would steal, then leaving, taking a sip every time one passes a crow on a fence, while another new rain dumps from the complicated sky, while you staple Clint Eastwood’s face over your own, while another sits on a bench and stares at the bridge, moonlight spiking off his belly, and that’s just the fiction in the new Alice Blue Review, which you’ll want, a want conjoining with your want of the Blue Collar Sun under which it takes place, and in the next seat over is the poetry section, where Jordan Stemplemann—among fine companions—burrows into you with the following: “No matter who / takes over the world, // they will build / within us one stiff // twin called astonishment, / unable to ever unlive.”

Alice Blue Where Are You

Alice Roosevelt, whose blue dresses defined the color Alice Blue, seen here wearing (nice job, internet) yellow.

Alice Roosevelt, whose blue dresses defined the color Alice Blue, seen here wearing (nice job, internet) yellow.

One of my favorite online litmags is the rather low profile Alice Blue Review. They publish both fiction and poetry, and their aesthetic reminds one pleasingly of mint leaves, gangplanks, polar bears, and polar bears who hitchhike.

Sadly, their site has been down the last few weeks. I emailed their Poetry Editor Amber Nelson about this sadness and she emailed me back:


Thanks for your concern! alice blue is not dead! We know there is a problem and are working on it. It should be back up shortly.

thanks again!

So there you are. Thanks Amber! Alice Blue fans: Worry about something else! It’s the Wild West and do you know where your magnolias are.

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March 4th, 2009 / 6:45 pm