Aquarius Rising

Aquarius Rising by Ben Fama

Now available from Ugly Duckling Presse comes Ben Fama’s Aquarius Rising…

how much do you rely on planets? Ben Fama poses this question in his astounding astrological sequence of poems, Aquarius Rising. He doesn’t depend on planets: he sees signs in all that’s around him — sky, sea, sequins. A poetic horoscopist, he knows that there is nothing more difficult or fun than attempting to make sense of the present. For Fama, the present presages another present, and then another; and he reads it with wit and wonderment and wily smarts. I take his words to heart. Fama is the future.”

-DEREK MCCORMACK, author of The Haunted Hillbilly and The Show That Smells.

“If you love someone you might want to call her and leave Ben Fama’s poems as messages on her voicemail. The messages would be informative and casual and glowing. They would be a big deal—a glamorous shrug from the heart!”

-HEATHER CHRISTLE, author of A Difficult Farm

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July 21st, 2010 / 11:57 am