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Bloody Nose Contest: Win Joe Hall’s Pigafetta Is My Wife

Blake recently posted a nice spotlight on Joe Hall’s Pigafetta Is My Wife. So now I’d like to announce a fun contest in light of his post: the Bloody Nose Contest, the three winners of which will receive a copy of Joe’s book.

If you’d like a chance at winning Pigafetta Is My Wife, please send to¬† (or leave your entry in a comment with your email address) an entry that somehow includes a bloody nose. Why bloody noses? Well, Joe is a compulsive collector of bloody noses. Entries can be illustrations, photographs, poems, short stories, photographs of napkins or other tissue that you used to stop your bloody nose, maps and/or diagrams of bloody noses, famous bloody noses in history, bloody nose encyclopedia entries, bloody nose nursery rhymes, bloody nose songs, etc. Joe will pick his top three bloody nose-related thingies, and to those winners he will send a signed copy of the book. He might bleed on the book a little. He might also send with the book a bit of rubbish from the beach by his house. He would offer more prizes, he says, but he lives in a house that is halfway boarded up, so he has nothing else to give you. Maybe he’ll send a piece of his house?

Let’s say the deadline for this contest is 11:59pm, Saturday, April 24th, at which point I’ll send the submissions on to Joe.

And if you don’t win, please give a thought to buying the book!

After the jump you’ll find a miniature interview with Joe.


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April 17th, 2010 / 4:27 pm