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One of the most seminal bits from Bill Hicks’s seminal ‘Relentless’ performance seems to have something to say about something bookwise also, but instead of trying to rummage that, let’s just relive the Bill:

On the other hand, I enjoy creative marketing. Creative marketing is fun, if the product is actually worth having. Or if it’s not. People are trying to ‘learn to use the internet’ or are accidentally ‘having fun with the internet.’ I have found myself thinking about this a lot lately: promotional tools that do not feel like promotional tools.

I have had little to zero palpable results.

Mostly things just happen.

This blog post is apropos of nothing. Jimmy just deleted a post about Tao selling his myspace, after I commented saying it seemed obviously fake, I felt bad after that. I like ideas and thinking. I like thinking. ‘Hmmm.’

I remember the first thing I ever searched in a search engine when we finally got internet at my parents house on a computer in my room by myself: ‘jenny mccarthy nude.’ It was one of the best days of my life.

You didn’t have to market Jenny McCarthy’s tits to me. They were. [Subliminal shoutout to Ryan Downey.]

What is a book? Where is blood? I miss the TV show Hee-Haw, even though I never watched it when it was on. I like the band the Birthday Party, and that is one of my favorite band names for some reason.

None of the statements in this post have had any direct application or intent behind them, and that’s because they are genuine thoughts. Chew on that.

I’m going to bed.

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May 4th, 2009 / 1:57 am