Ander Monson’s BOX

Ander Monson has sneakily snuck a hyper link text object onto the web, at his suddenly updated website, which now features a section called The Swarm, containing several new essays and weird links, as well as the above mentioned hyper link text object, having to do with a BOX.

I got pretty far into it and plan to go back and play some more. It does some cool, new stuff I think, based often in Ander’s vivid and multi-edged prong of new layers and new space, ie the launch text of this:

Every word is contained by space, white, visual, semantic. Being a word, it is a segment of something larger, potentially. Alone it is isolated, in a box. As you look into the box you are in the box.

Go play.

The site also mention’s a new book by Ander, but no info directly yet or where, when, or what.

However it comes, I hope it’s soon.

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November 25th, 2008 / 10:45 pm