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Usedbuyer addresses the fuss.

In Defense of Good Writing: Miss Ethel M. Dell’s Rare Interview on “All This Fuss About Proust.”

Why do you feel that commercial fiction, or more specifically popular fiction written by women, tends to be critically overlooked?

Ethel M. Dell: One has only to really look at the facts. One doesn’t feel one’s efforts to be overlooked in all venues. I do think the Times tends to overlook popular fiction, whether one is man, woman, white, black, or Hottentot. Many of one’s dearest readers tell one how very much they should like to see one reviewed more respectfully in the popular press, but what can one do? The prejudice against lady novelists is not however, I’m very glad to say, universal among the reviewers. The Monkton Combe Post for example, back when they had their book review section, used to say the kindest things about one’s little books…


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September 17th, 2010 / 1:01 pm