Presents to Give Carina Finn For Her Birthday


Today is the day a stork (supposedly one who was wearing a Miu Miu baby doll dress and a demure dark bow in her hair) delivered Carina Finn — poetess, visual artist, baker, and girl — to her mommy. Everyone should buy her a present. Here’s some suggestions.

* A cupcake with lemon frosting.

* A cupcake with mint frosting.

* This Belle Ensemble.

* A cupcake with strawberry icing and sprinkles.

* A pair of sunnies or maybe even a pair of specs, like the kind Marilyn Monroe wears in How To Marry a Millionaire.

* This Belle Fairytale Journal.

* A chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing (if there are sprinkles on it then don’t bother).

* And obviously this Belle Tiara because all admirable girls should absolutely be attired in a Belle Tiara.


You can read about some of the gossip concerning the birthday of Baby Carina (who’s not interchangeable with Carina Finn, ok) on Bambi Muse right here.

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August 16th, 2013 / 1:20 pm