dee dee ramone

Dee Dee Ramone on Writing

Dee Dee Ramone was the first man with a woman’s name to be like, “Fuck your necktie and your mom’s gurney.” Dee Dee Ramone had the impact of keeping hand grenades in your car’s cup holders. The man was a retaining wall and a fuck-load cooler than we. He was so beautiful he had to kill that beauty, as we know the world must work. Or not work.

“I have no doubts in my mind where my loyalties are. They’re with myself. I’m all I’ve got.”

“I like dragons so much that I tried to look for one outside the window of the plane that I’m in now.”

“My only degree is in streetology.”

“Today I was wondering what God was going to do with me now.”

“I’m not a punk, skin, Nazi, or snob. I’m defiant. I’m angry. You made me that way. So fuck you all.”

“Dragons…Imagine one flying over one of the meadows, high above New York City’s Central Park, one crowded Sunday afternoon.”

“We all paid a price for it. It was a lot.”

“I can’t rap too well.”

“I would like to thank myself, and congratulate myself, and if I could, I would pat myself on the back.”

“I spotted a dragon immediately.”

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December 29th, 2009 / 3:51 pm