east central indiana

daniel bailey’s EAST CENTRAL INDIANA is a caulk-gun-i.v. full of morphine

a few weeks ago daniel bailey posted that if anyone wanted to see his new collection of poetry EAST CENTRAL INDIANA they should email him. i emailed him.  he emailed me.  i read the collection and i am being honest, it is the best book of poems i have ever read.  nobody does anything like daniel bailey, and i mean, i’ve probably read close to five books of poetry.  colin bassett published it on bearcreekfeed.  after noticing that colin bassett published it, i felt close to him, like when you are out with someone and you find out that you both like pink lemonade better than regular lemonade for some reason, and it makes communicating easy for a few seconds.  this post is weak.  please go read EAST CENTRAL INDIANA.  also, i wrote THE DANIEL BAILEY CATECHISM on my blog to celebrate this great publication.  i hope that one day the book is in print so i can read it over and over and give it to people.  reading it made me feel less inhuman, which is the only way i qualify books now.  on a sidenote, i felt really excited about buying these “garden herb” triscuits but now after eating a few, and choking on the little slivers that always fucking catch on your uvula, i regret buying them.  unlike “garden herb” triscuits, EAST CENTRAL INDIANA will not piss you off.

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November 3rd, 2008 / 9:25 pm


yesterday i looked at daniel bailey’s blog.  you may know daniel bailey as the most up and coming internet poet/totally hot dude on the web.   on his blog he said he had finished a collection of poems.  so i was like, “prove it man”.  he then sent me the collection.  it is called EAST CENTRAL INDIANA.  i read it.  it fucking rules.  it rules like when you do a really good job coloring a page in a coloring book.  it rules like when you think there is no more pudding in your fridge and then you move aside an old thing of jelly and there is another pudding cup.  it rules like when you find a nest of baby birds and the mom isn’t there and you push a fast food straw into each of the baby bird’s skulls and blow air into their skulls until they expand and burst.  here is a quote from EAST CENTRAL INDIANA:

“you looked

at the boney gravel as you said it and then you laid down

and made a bone angel and said, ‘it’s finally starting

to feel like winter is over.’ i said, ‘yeah’

and then i looked up at the sky and it wasn’t there

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October 7th, 2008 / 12:19 am