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Jon Cotner and Andy Fitch on Food Network!

Not really, but close. In this new episode of Emily Gould’s “Cooking the Books,” Jon Cotner and Andy Fitch make green juice and read from their collaboration Ten Walks/Two Talks. Along the way we learn that Cotner and Fitch met as 19-year-olds in Boston. They were both crashing on someone’s roof, and started talking. They’ve kept talking. We also hear some thoughts about Basho and zits.

Timothy Donnelly, who selected Ten Walks/Two Talks as a Best Book of 2010 for The Week, included an excerpt from Cotner and Fitch’s new project Conversations over Stolen Food in Boston Review‘s National Poetry Month celebration. The short piece is called “Spiritual Laws.” It takes place in a grocery store they call “W.F.” This excerpt moves from Emerson, to a kid who soils his shorts, back to Emerson, then ends with a discussion of anxiety and bicycles.

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May 19th, 2011 / 12:30 pm



Over at n+1, Cristina Nehring writes a furious response to Emily Gould’s smiling bitchslap of a review of her book, A Vindication of Love:

Ms. Gould well knows that I’m not the “corduroyed fattish academic” to whom she likens me in the opening of her article…

The Editor’s Response (below Nehring’s letter) references a panel on Feminism that n+1 hosted at the Kitchen last week, the same day the review appeared, saying, “two of the panelists spoke about it at length.”  I was at the panel… it might have been mentioned, but I don’t remember anyone speaking about it at length.

FWIW, Gould’s review is entertaining.  But I haven’t read the book, nor does it occupy a space in my ever-growing to read stack, so I’m not qualified to remark on it substantively.

December 9th, 2009 / 9:04 pm