fat mike

I’m not sure what to think about this (NSFW) sort of disturbing account of a recent SXSM performance. A very unsettling phenomenon, to be sure. I have no interest in this guy–I had no idea who he was before I stumbled upon this write-up–but how do you react to this very, uh, performative performance? What is your visceral reaction?

What’s the difference between this type of performance (GG Allin we could place under this “criminal transgressor” rubric), and the same performativity in, to be timely–and because for both of these types the music itself is only a stage for the performance–someone like Lady Gaga’s project? I mean, assuming Lady Gaga is a “cultural transgressor,” what is the differing mechanism, if there is one, in Fat Mike’s performance? Or are neither legitimately transgressive? Blah blah. Just thought this was an interesting thing.