Flag burning

Flag Burn Attempt I Suppose I Guess

I read this article and watched this video and oddly did not think of the flag as symbol vs. flag as sacred, or really the entire flag desecration debate, or even a debate on the words, “Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of speech.” No, none of that was really running through my head. Why did I re-watch? Why did I find it intriguing?

  1. Screaming girl in sorority red dress.
  2. Policemen on horseback. (I lived most of my life in the south, specifically Memphis, TN and Tuscaloosa, AL. The mounted policeman, the nervous horse as very provocative image. I was cringing as I awaited the batons. Watch at 42 seconds where an officer sees a fellow officer in conversation, so uses the horse to actually swipe two students.
  3. Rhetorical move of screaming soldier. (about 1:25) Did he slip from “My brother died for you!” to “My brothers died for you?!” I don’t know.
  4. Also at 1:25, chant moves from USA! USA! To “Go to hell, hippie!”
  5. Sheer fumbling terror (understandable, BTW) of the communications student. He turns yellow to a sort of papery skin of pale.
  6. This student’s opening move as orator (2:06): “It’s funny. Facebook said that there was only going to be 64 of you.” As if baffled by Facebook world and the actual world not as one? I mean “Facebook said” so what is going on here?
  7. At 2:22 student is hit with something. This starts the idea, and he is repeatedly hit with something (water?). Cops sense a mood shift, and bail student out.
  8. Girl standing next to student. Is she a supporter? She seems proud of herself. Is she dancing? She is enjoying the moment. She’s got the attitude to pull this off. Such pluck and aplomb. And she is wearing an American flag as clothing. I believe that is also considered flag desecration. She might be high.
  9. Sorority girl (my lazy assumption on the sorority part) returns at 3:56 and tries to steal all the thunder. I was disappointed she went to the mothball line of “If you don’t like this country, leave it.” She needs some fresher material.
  10. Last observation: If dude was going to burn a flag, where was the flag?
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May 13th, 2011 / 8:39 am