flesh feast: the human brain

FLESH FEAST: THE HUMAN BRAIN by socrates adams florou mad me happier than the movie LITTLE GIANTS with RICK MORANIS

socrates adams florou sent me his chapbook FLESH FEAST: THE HUMAN BRAIN a couple days ago. after reading it left to right and assembling the relative meanings of each of the words both singly and in conjunction with each other, i found myself pleased. socrates is a strange man and i think if he were to be in the same room as me i would call him a “vato loco.” the chapbook is in short chapters. it is about a man who lives in a flat. an old man moves in above him. i won’t say too much but the younger man becomes paranoid about the older man wanting to eat him and the younger man stays inside for long periods of time. my favorite line is about the younger man staring at the tv and trying to control it with a nintendo controller after having not left his flat for weeks. the chapbook is cleanly written and it made me feel uncomfortable. if you email him he will send an electronic copy to you.


there are no more print copies.

that last line seems too severe to end with so:

i like you all a lot.

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December 27th, 2008 / 2:10 pm