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Best food writing award goes to Zach Golden and Russ Phillips for their website, What the Fuck Should I Make for Dinner. Seems to be new every time it is refreshed. Via Natalie Lyalin.


We don’t post a lot here about food writing, mostly because the house we all live together in is sponsored by Chef Boyardee and Captain Morgan, so all we ever eat is canned ravioli washed down with straight warm light rum. But sometimes, something comes across our collective eye–or in this case, just mine–and you want to mention it.

Yesterday I was in my neighborhood coffee shop, and overheard a girl talking on her cell phone to somebody who seemed like a relative, about her day job (PR, of some kind, possibly book-related) and about a food blog she’s been working on for about a month now and feels really happy about. So before she left I aked her for the address of the blog, and went over there to check things out. Now I think you should check things out. The blog is called Omniamare, and the one I met is Lena, who posts as L. Day. Their site motto comes from a Robert Haas poem, and they seem to be pretty good at what they’re doing. Many of the posts come with recipes. Here are some of my findings:


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March 3rd, 2009 / 1:31 pm