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Boobs Friday for Internet Literature

Friday. I think Friday is okay? Friday actually kind of sucks for internet land because it’s the beginning of the weekend and during the weekend people aren’t at work all day jacking off on the internet not doing their real job and they are actually out like talking to people and being with real life friends. Fuck all that. The weekend is like my reverse weekend. I have a weekend through the week and the weekend feels like the week.

Internet literature definitely suffers on the weekends, there are less emails, less updates, stop being real people, mmk?

To combat the weekend slump of weekend, HTML Giant is pleased to present some tits.

As a gift to internet literature from our very own Kendra Grant Malone, here are Kendra Grant Malone’s boobs.

This hopefully will be the beginning of what I’d like to think of as Boobs Friday for Internet Literature.

Submit your boobs for future Fridays, get an acceptance to like elimae or Wigleaf via karmic booyah.

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October 10th, 2008 / 3:42 pm