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newest installment of Dennis Cooper’s online writing workshop

Coop writes,

This is the third in a new series of days on the blog where writers who are part of the blog’s community will present work-in-progress in search of the opinions, responses, advice, and critiques of both readers who don’t normally post comments here and local inhabitants of this place. 

Initially I had held off from blogging about these workshops, because even though the stories are obviously posted in a public forum, the workshop seemed like a community/family project. But I talked to Dennis about it, and he’s 100% in favor of anything that gets the presenters’ work more widely read and commented on, so I’m encouraging people to go over there and check out what’s happening. Read the story, leave a comment, etc. And also, please keep in mind DC’s advice re how to play nice: 

Obviously, the closer your attention and the more you’re able and willing to say to the writer the better. But any kind of related comment is welcome, even a simple sentence or two indicating you read the piece of writing and felt something or other about it would be helpful. The only guideline I’m going to give out regarding comments is that any response, whether lengthy or brief, praise filled or critical or anywhere inbetween, should be presented in a spirit of helping the writer in question.

This weekend’s story is called “The Routine,” by George Wines. 

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December 21st, 2008 / 11:45 am