25 Points: Godzilla


1.  Spoiler Alert: Godzilla breaks shit and wins at everything.

2.  Bryan Cranston is the best actor in this movie.

3.  They fucking kill Bryan Cranston in the first third of the movie.

4.  Confirmed societal standard: it’s still not okay to have New York City as the setting for a cataclysmic event that involves mass amounts of destruction—fictional monster battles included.

5.  Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s character has a strange combination of good and bad luck due to the life-threatening situations he falls into and narrowly escapes at consecutive twenty-minute intervals.

6.   Ken Watanabe is the second best actor in this movie.

7.  Godzilla and I have similar lifestyles: go hard for about a week then sleep off the insanity for months or years on end. Repeat accordingly.

8.  Godzilla actually looks like Godzilla in this movie. (Compared to the abomination made in 1999 that shan’t be named.)

9.  This movie impressed me with its effective use of slow-pace plot format in actually waiting to show us our reptilian friend and all the loveable destruction he brings. (See Jaws for similar example.)

10. It’s actually pretty neat to have characters, besides Godzilla, that you actually give a shit about and have semi-decent back-stories. READ MORE >

June 5th, 2014 / 5:00 pm